Bridgebury Gate

General Gallery

Some of the best views of locomotives and rolling stock in photos taken over the course of several years on the exhibition circuit. See below for YouTube video action on the layout.

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The 'Signals and Crossings MPV rests at the stabling point next to the signal box before a trip up the branch. This is a kit that has been developed on the N Gauge Forum - 3D printed with Tomix running gear.
Another of our 3D printed items - a KXA double bogie flash transporter. It's a simple kit that just needs four Y25c bogies and wheels.
A Rail Express Systems Class 47 heads west with the afternoon down parcels.
Bridgebury Station's western end, with 37 402 'Bonty Bermo' and a short freight in the yard, a DMU 1212 branchline service, a blue Class 24 (hired in) for the cement service passing a Loadhaul Class 56 on a loaded seacow ballast hoppers, and an InterCity Class 73 tidying up engineering work leftovers - two NGS kit-built PNA ballast wagons in Railtrack green.
A general view of the eastern end - with another version of the MPV (log carrier) that can be seen adjacent to the signal box.
One for Nick! Class 37s top and tail the cement service (triple-grey construction sector livery). Two more test run the snow ploughs (one is 37 402 'Bonty Bermo'). A DBShanker in shocking red with a DRS 37(?) tucked in behind haul a Mk2 Virgin stock special. The yard has an RFD 37/6, while a blue split box and Regional Railways pair have priority.
From the west again but before the signal box was moved and we lost the fueling point - both thanks to an accident in the garage. 37 152 'Northern Lights' collects passengers for an afternoon Pullman tea run at the quieter Platform 1. 37 057 'Viking' nips past with an empty ballast train, and a pair of yet more 37s have an eastbound freight well in hand.
Seems to have gone all EWS. Wait a minute. Where did that Class 66 come from? Simon...! Still, we have it surrounded with two more Class 37s.