Bridgebury Gate

Railway Modeller Gallery, Vol 67 No 792 October 2016

Bridgebury Gate appeared in Railway Modeller in October 2016. The six page full-colour article followed a photoshoot in April 2016, and permission has been gained to reproduce the photos here (with thanks to Steve Flint of Railway Modeller - text and photos by Steve Flint, courtesy of Railway Modeller magazine).

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EWS-livery Class 58 No 58 033 rumbles through the station with a rake of covered hoppers.
No 60 040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' holds up the traffic with a long train of HAA hoppers. Behind the Co-op Morris van is a simulator ride for funfairs, by Simon Addelsee.
This model of the Windhoff MPV was deigned for the NGF by 3DR, and runs on the Tomix TM03 or TM04 chassis. 3DR is 3D-printed at Shapeways, transfers from Precision Decals, etched parts by PPD Ltd, and the model was painted by Stu Wright.
A train of military vehicles and associated stores passes over the bridge, with Railfreight Distribution Class 47 No 47 306 'The Sapper' appropriately in charge.
Three Class 37s rumble through Bridgebury Gate at the same time, with a double-header leading an oil tanker freight on the main line and an EWS permanent way service held back in one of the loop lines.
A Regional Railways DMU arrives at Bridgebury Gate's main platform while two sector-liveried locos are stables at the back of the loop lines.
The townscape at the right-hand end of the layout, which hides the curve to the fiddle yard at the back, was made largely from Metcalfe kits.
Class 37 No 37 513 in full Load Haul livery shares haulage duties with another Class 37 of a Network Rail track treatment train.
An unknown Class 37 in Inter City sector livery hauls a main line express through Bridgebury Gate while the traffic queues up on the Bridgebury access road below.
A Class 60 and a Class 37 both bring freight workings towards Bridgebury Gate at the same time, although the Class 37, on the branch line, will have to give way.
'Western' Class 52 No D1015 in maroon livery pauses with an Inter City express while a Class 31 double-headed mineral freight occupies the central road, consisting of No 31 130 at the front and No 31 201 at the back.
A Class 58 in Mainline livery takes a special pipe load out of the station while the branch line DMU service awaits a departure in the opposite direction.
There's always a last-minute shock after the credits - and this presentation is no different! The core group of Bridgebury Gate operators - Martin, Russ and Si.