Bridgebury Gate

St Peters Church Model Railway Show

St Peters Church, Eastwick Road, Taunton, Somerset TA2 7HD, Saturday 21 May 2016

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Class prototype Deltic pauses at the level crossing to allow its adoring public to get a closer look. Although Deltic is not normally a West Country visitor, this trip was a rail tour special.
A grubby green Class 25 waits while the 04 (just visible on the far right) shunts a few empties.
Disused wagon bodies (NGS kits) live on as livestock housing - Farmer Fields is probably taking a nap inside after a few ciders...
A British Rail green Class 47 (pre-TOPS, using a resprayed Poole-era Graham Farish loco) takes the Wothington beer train east - all forty wagons of it.
A BR green Class 22 heads east past the Bridgebury Arms pub with an afternoon stopper.
The third rail electrification work has started with the arrival of the substation. Could Southern Region EMUs be close behind?
A pair of ex-works Class 37s wait at the stabling point for their next duty (with their drivers in the signal box, making tea again), while a steam-hauled rail tour pauses at Bridgebury Station for a photo opportunity.
A Class 25 and a 33 are in the yard with some bogie bolster wagons for loading at Bailey Bros.
Unusually, a J39, No 64841 looking rather nice, takes the track repair train west...
...complete with reworked Langley crane that now has Parkside bearings fitted so that it runs very nicely.
With a trial hi-viz jacket on display (for this time period), the driver of the Class 33 has a last look before raiding the signal box for tea and cakes...
The back end of an ex-GWR pannier tank on a goods service that seems to have been diverted into the loop.
A Class 22 has now taken over the track repair train duties (the bridge's brickwork may need an extra bit of detailing!).
Mr Frosty is followed down the hill towards the level crossing by the National Express ('Mini skirts were in style /When she stepped down the aisle /Back in sixty-three /Yeah yeah yeah yeah').
This is one way to keep caravans off the road (says the car driver) but more seriously, all sorts of things used to be delivered by rail - what a good idea!
A trackside shot of the steam rail tour pausing at Bridgebury Gate, although that loco is probably breaking one or two modern rail regulations by running tender first.
Martin and Russ do their best to provide some entertainment for Bridgebury Gate's audience at St Peter's. It's all in a day's work, and as any exhibitor can tell you, it can be a long day!